Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship
Spiller Sponsor Sjetonger Framdrift
Constant Rijkenberg nl 462,800 0
Hoyt Corkins us 429,900 -4,100
Rifat Palevic se 353,500 33,500
Jake Cody gb 323,200 -56,800
Tom Bedell no 301,900 11,900
Hyacinthe Bonnin 296,000 213,800
Erik Seidel us 291,900 193,900
Shawn Buchanan ca 291,400 -8,600
Chris McClung ca 285,500 202,500
Thibaud Guenegou 279,000 211,800
Joel Dodds au 270,400 -104,600
Mathew Frankland gb 259,800 88,800
Hans Winzeler us 259,500 197,000
Ricardo Tavares br 249,500 154,500
Ilan Boujenah il 241,400 36,400
Philippe Ktorza fr 238,000 180,700
Arnaud Mattern fr 237,300 135,300
Brian Roberts us 233,100 8,100
James Dempsey gb 231,100 146,100
Emin Aghayev 229,300 229,300
Patrik Antonius fi 228,100 -36,900
Joao Barbosa pt 219,200 177,425
Jeremy Kottler us 212,300 37,300
Sergey Tikhonov ru 212,100 -7,900
Daniel Pelletier 208,800 -3,200
Wesley Pantling 206,100 174,800
Liv Boeree gb 202,300 -2,700
Nikolay Volper us 202,200 103,975
David Jaoui fr 195,900 195,900
Alexander Kostritsyn ru 194,800 94,800
Athanasios Polychronopoulos us 189,700 39,700
Max Silver gb 187,400 7,400
Ramzi Jelassi se 187,100 -7,900
Barny Boatman gb 185,200 -29,800
Antony Lellouche fr 185,100 5,100
Leo Boxell au 183,900 51,900
Nicolo Calia it 183,900 68,900
Martin Jacobson se 180,600 106,600
John O'Shea 178,000 108,000
Mustapha Kanit it 175,400 -144,600
Joe Cassidy us 173,300 63,300
Michael Drummond us 172,500 -17,500
Mathieu Pourrat 172,200 119,050
JC Alvarado mx 172,000 57,000
Steven Moreau fr 171,600 136,850
Jose De La Guardia 168,500 75,350
[Removed:44] 168,000 83,725
Chris Moorman gb 167,800 -52,200
David Zampini 165,900 900
Elio Fox us 160,000 52,000
James Schafer us 157,000 119,975
Victor Ramdin us 156,900 -138,100
Dmitry Motorov 149,200 -16,800
Michael Pedley au 145,800 126,925
Remi Le Meur 139,300 36,950
Megrous Kidhir 139,000 49,975
Tony G au 135,400 -64,600
Pierre Neuville be 134,000 85,000
Anatolii Ozhenilok 133,400 33,400
Freddy Deeb us 133,200 18,200
Pavel Ivan us 132,000 85,850
Michael Pesek us 125,600 -7,400
Melanie Weisner us 118,600 66,600
Dylan Wilkerson us 117,400 20,400
Artem Litvinov ru 115,100 10,275
Robert Giordano 112,500 28,475
Dermot Blain ie 111,500 -18,500
Robert Mizrachi us 110,600 -29,400
Amir Lehavot il 109,900 57,550
Stephen Chidwick gb 109,900 39,900
Eric Sadoun 109,100 31,100
Dan Smith us 108,900 18,900
Rebecca Mordoff 108,100 7,100
Barry Greenstein us 105,600 35,600
McLean Karr us 102,400 22,400
Casey Kastle si 95,500 61,500
Eduard Kapitonov 92,300 44,975
Nicolas Leger 91,800
Philippe Gellman 90,200 -10,825
Kunimaro Kojo jp 90,000 34,900
Fernando Gomez 89,900 28,175
Maria Ho us 88,400 -11,600
Michael Watson ca 87,300 31,000
Erik Friberg se 87,300 -47,700
Carbone Damiano 86,900
John Duthie gb 86,400 -8,600
Michel Pomaret fr 85,800 63,000
Pierre Yves Ayme 83,300 14,175
Ayaz Sadrudin Manji 82,600 55,200
Daniele Guidetti it 79,500 61,000
Giacomo Maisto 79,400 47,950
Yvan Maghrabi 79,200 38,650
Vadim Ifergan 75,100 -124,900
Sean Dempsey us 74,600 38,900
Carlo Savinelli it 70,200 -13,700
James Bord gb 70,000 -18,000
John Eames gb 62,500 -5,500
Salman Behbehani us 61,400 -13,600
Sean Getzwiller us 57,000 57,000
Mike Leah ca 56,600 -23,400
Lari Sihvo 53,800 -4,200
Bruno Moussi 53,100 -23,975
Matt Waxman us 49,600 -2,400
Mads Wissing dk 49,500 -30,075
Michel Carvin 48,000 -45,200
Benjamin Kessas 40,500 0
Michel Cordobes 40,200 -49,900
Fabrizio Gonzalez uy 38,000 -68,125
Vitaly Lunkin ru 34,000 -2,000
Carlos Mortensen es 32,400 400
Matan Krakow il 30,000 -30,900
Imad Derwiche fr 30,000 -54,450
Sam Stein us 23,800 -6,200
Davidi Kitai be 11,000 -13,000
Govert Metaal nl 9,000 -44,000
Kalil Rahal 4,900 -51,550
Roger Hairabedian fr 3,000 -20,000
Mel Judah au Busted
Leo Boxel Busted
Chi Chang Busted
Marc Le Campion Busted
Amirouddine Alibay Busted
Mir Shams Busted
Christophe Meurant Busted
Riccardo Cantafora Busted
Willy Zomie Busted
Bruno Launais fr Busted
Francesco Ianni Busted
Terrance Chan Busted
d Busted
ee Busted
rr Busted
ff Busted
f Busted
Bryan Devonshire us Busted
Stephano Povia Busted
Amit Makhija us Busted
Sergey Tirkonov Busted
Benny Spindler de Busted
Yann Migeon Busted
Moritz Kranich de Busted
Richard Loth Busted
Juha Helppi fi Busted
Fabrice Soulier fr Busted
Dmitry Bayramov Busted
Nicolas Lanos Busted
Joseph Kessler Busted
Joao Ribeiro Busted
Damiano Carbone Busted
Andreas Korn Busted
Rifat Pavelic Busted
Andrew Moseley Busted
Johnny Chan us Busted
Will Failla us Busted
Jon Turner us Busted
Vanessa Rousso us Busted
David Vamplew gb Busted
Terrence Chan ca Busted
Sam Holden gb Busted
Jeff Hakim lb Busted
Darren Elias us Busted
Jeff Lisandro au Busted
Cliff Josephy us Busted
Tristan Wade us Busted
Pierre Canali Busted
Sam Chartier ca Busted
Ryan D'Angelo us Busted
Ben Lamb us Busted
Nicolas Levi fr Busted
Nick Binger us Busted
Chad Brown us Busted
Mark Radoja ca Busted
Olivier Busquet us Busted
Kyle Cheong Busted
Quentin Ettlin Busted
Jerome Jeannet Busted
Emil Patel us Busted
Randy Dorfman us Busted
Mario Adinolfi it Busted
Nenad Medic us Busted
Laurent Polito fr Busted
Anouar Mehlil Busted
Michael Telker us Busted
Sean LeFort Busted
Paolo Lobefaro Busted
Christopher Brammer gb Busted
Stephan Gerin fr Busted
Philippe SIntes Busted
Willy Korchia Busted
Anzor Makhtsev Busted
Gabriel Nassif Busted
Jean-Paul Pasqualini fr Busted
Mohamed El Hamdi Busted
Rob Akery gb Busted
Rhynie Campbell Busted
Gabriel Houle Busted
Julien Notre Dame Busted
Laurent Lamarque Busted
Nicolas Cieutat Busted
Gianluca Speranza it Busted
Jeanphilippe Rohr Busted
Rodolphe Dethiere fr Busted
Yohan Desmoulins Busted
Davide Costa Busted
Guillaume Reynaud Busted
Said Sadallah Busted
Benjamin Pollak fr Busted
Ofer Shechter Busted
Yannick Bonnet Busted
Roberto Garcia Busted
Mathieu Biague Busted
Christopher Lastiwka Busted
Oliver Theuillon Busted
Xuan Liu ca Busted
Clement Bonin Busted
Chuc Hoang Busted
Mikiya Takitani Busted
Laurent Bourgois Busted
Martial Blangenwitsch fr Busted
David Hawksworth Busted
Jose Daluz Busted
Giuseppe Zarbo it Busted
David Kahan be Busted
Michael Benhammouda Busted
Fabien Perrot fr Busted
Rocco Palumbo it Busted
Philippe Reinbold Busted
Khoren Karapetian Busted
Sebastian Gohr gb Busted
Samuel Monigadon Busted
David Sonelin se Busted
Jean Marie Bernollin Busted
Simon Persson se Busted
Nicolas Cardyn fr Busted
Oleh Okhotskyi ua Busted
Franck Ferrari Busted
Maxim Lykov ru Busted
James Akenhead gb Busted
Shannon Shorr us Busted
John Racener us Busted
Andras Nemes Busted
Patrick Caveriviere fr Busted
Jani Sointula fi Busted
Philippe Boucher ca Busted
Justin Cohen Busted
Darren Kramer za Busted
Sandra Naujoks de Busted
Alexandre Krivonos Busted
Antonio Palma pt Busted
Alex Wice Busted
[Removed:146] Busted
Tom Alner gb Busted
Anthony Picault Busted
Yevgeniy Timoshenko ua Busted
Martin Vallo dk Busted
Daniel Idema ca Busted
Bruno Benveniste fr Busted
Brandon Cantu us Busted
Philippe Narboni fr Busted
Jonathan Layani Busted
Erik Cajelais ca Busted
Charalampos Tsivikos cy Busted
Brian Patrick Busted
Eric Haik fr Busted
Emile Petit Busted
Tyler Kenney us Busted
Richard Toth hu Busted
Thierry Gogniad Busted
Philippe Vert Busted
Steven Chao Busted
Jaques Zaicik Busted
Joseph Shalgi il Busted
Filippo Candio it Busted
Konstantin Vspenskiy Busted
Daniel Walker Busted
Jonathan Karamalikis au Busted
Yoni Houri Busted
Jeff Papola Busted
Robin Lindquist Busted
Brian Hastings us Busted
Evgeniy Zaytsev Busted
Beth Shak us Busted
John Stephen Boyd Busted
Peter Akery gb Busted
Goryachev Vyacheslav Busted
Yves Hallague fr Busted
Jean-Michell Texier Busted
Farzad Bonyadi us Busted
Dmitry Vitkind ru Busted
Brent Roberts us Busted
Jarred Solomon za Busted
Barbara Martinez fr Busted
Jason Gigliotti Busted
Aadam Daya ca Busted
Arkadi Kilman gb Busted
Guilluame Humbert Busted
Bruno Lopes fr Busted
Stephane Albertini Busted
Men Nguyen us Busted
Bruno Fitoussi fr Busted
Aubin Cazals fr Busted
Juhan Lauttamus Busted
Jennifer Harman us Busted
Bernd Gleissner de Busted
Stefano Povia Busted
Marc Uzan Busted
David Bach us Busted
David Ulliott Busted
Jen Harman Busted
Francisco Da Costa Santos pt Busted
Jamie Rosen us Busted
Martins Adeniya gb Busted
Scotty Nguyen us Busted
Ted Lawson us Busted
Sami Kelopuro fi Busted
Nicolas Fierro cl Busted
Tommy Vedes us Busted
Alexander Kravchenko ru Busted
David Sands us Busted
Marco Traniello it Busted
Tino Lechich au Busted
Manuel Bevand fr Busted
Remy Biechel fr Busted
Djigui Diakite Busted
Anthony Duthuille Busted
Christopher Jetten ca Busted
Kyle Johnson Busted
Paul Tedeschi fr Busted
Marc Inizan fr Busted
Adrian Aston Busted
Antonin Teisseire fr Busted
Vladislav Varlashin Busted
Hugo Lemaire pr Busted
Ana Marquez es Busted
Hiroaki Harada us Busted
Sebastien Delannoy Busted
Joseph Carlino Busted
Raphael Kroll Busted
Leo Margets es Busted
Elliot Smith ca Busted
Cornel Cimpan us Busted
Joel Nordkvist se Busted
Joel Nordudist Busted
Vito Labarile Busted
Ben Delaney Busted
Thomas Macdonald gb Busted