Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Elimination Station

Here are the recent eliminations according to our tournament team.

Chips Count
Fabien Perrot fr Busted
Peter Akery gb Busted
Anthony Picault Busted
Kyle Cheong Busted
Robin Lindquist Busted
Anzor Makhtsev Busted
Philippe Narboni fr Busted
Bernd Gleissner de Busted
Evgeniy Zaytsev Busted
Jarred Solomon za Busted
Michael Telker us Busted
Daniel Walker Busted
Gabriel Nassif Busted
Benjamin Pollak fr Busted
Mark Radoja ca Busted
Justin Cohen Busted
Antonio Palma pt Busted
Jason Gigliotti Busted
Sam Holden gb Busted
Laurent Lamarque Busted
Nick Binger us Busted
Beth Shak us Busted
Mesbah Guerfi fr Busted
Jean-Paul Pasqualini fr Busted
Christopher Brammer gb Busted
Goryachev Vyacheslav Busted
Shannon Shorr us Busted
David Jaoui fr Busted
Erik Cajelais ca Busted
Alexandre Krivonos Busted
Tom Alner gb Busted
Mohamed El Hamdi Busted
Nicolas Levi fr Busted
Tyler Kenney us Busted
Cliff Josephy us Busted
Patrick Caveriviere fr Busted
Bruno Lopes fr Busted
Stephane Albertini Busted
Said Sadallah Busted
Laurent Polito fr Busted
Sandra Naujoks de Busted
Steven Chao Busted
John Racener us Busted
Yoni Houri Busted
Bruno Fitoussi fr Busted
Davide Costa Busted
Brian Hastings us Busted
Sebastian Gohr gb Busted
Yohan Desmoulins Busted
Eric Haik fr Busted
Thierry Gogniad Busted
Emin Aghayev Busted
Xuan Liu ca Busted
Martial Blangenwitsch fr Busted
Stefano Povia Busted
James Akenhead gb Busted
Jennifer Harman us Busted
Chuc Hoang Busted
Rodolphe Dethiere fr Busted
David Kahan be Busted
Joseph Shalgi il Busted
Martin Vallo dk Busted
Jean-Michell Texier Busted
Rob Akery gb Busted
Jeff Hakim lb Busted
Arkadi Kilman gb Busted
Quentin Ettlin Busted
Oleh Okhotskyi ua Busted
Darren Kramer za Busted
Julien Notre Dame Busted
Charalampos Tsivikos cy Busted
Paolo Lobefaro Busted
Aubin Cazals fr Busted
Christopher Lastiwka Busted
Mario Adinolfi it Busted
Philippe SIntes Busted
Yevgeniy Timoshenko ua Busted
Ryan D'Angelo us Busted
Simon Persson se Busted
Samuel Monigadon Busted
Jeff Papola Busted
Mikiya Takitani Busted
Chad Brown us Busted
Vanessa Rousso us Busted
Olivier Busquet us Busted
Jon Turner us Busted
Sam Chartier ca Busted
Ben Lamb us Busted
Sean Getzwiller us Busted
Brent Roberts us Busted
Nenad Medic us Busted
Emile Petit Busted
Rhynie Campbell Busted
Barbara Martinez fr Busted
Mathieu Biague Busted
Richard Toth hu Busted
Anouar Mehlil Busted
Khoren Karapetian Busted
Darren Elias us Busted
Andras Nemes Busted
David Hawksworth Busted
Clement Bonin Busted
Jeanphilippe Rohr Busted
Jeff Lisandro au Busted
Willy Korchia Busted
Brian Patrick Busted
Yannick Bonnet Busted
Oliver Theuillon Busted
Tristan Wade us Busted
Jaques Zaicik Busted
Giuseppe Zarbo it Busted
Bruno Benveniste fr Busted
John Stephen Boyd Busted
Sean LeFort Busted
Laurent Bourgois Busted
Guilluame Humbert Busted
Philippe Boucher ca Busted
Brandon Cantu us Busted
David Vamplew gb Busted
Jani Sointula fi Busted
Jose Daluz Busted
Michael Benhammouda Busted
Men Nguyen us Busted
Philippe Reinbold Busted
Gianluca Speranza it Busted
Roberto Garcia Busted
Ofer Shechter Busted
Randy Dorfman us Busted
Jonathan Karamalikis au Busted
Yves Hallague fr Busted
David Sonelin se Busted
Konstantin Vspenskiy Busted
Pierre Canali Busted
Maxim Lykov ru Busted
Rocco Palumbo it Busted
Jerome Jeannet Busted
Guillaume Reynaud Busted
Daniel Idema ca Busted
Aadam Daya ca Busted
Terrence Chan ca Busted
Alex Wice Busted
Dmitry Vitkind ru Busted
Jean Marie Bernollin Busted
Filippo Candio it Busted
Nicolas Cardyn fr Busted
Philippe Vert Busted
Juhan Lauttamus Busted
Franck Ferrari Busted
Nicolas Cieutat Busted
Emil Patel us Busted
Gabriel Houle Busted
Jonathan Layani Busted
Farzad Bonyadi us Busted
Stephan Gerin fr Busted