Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Plenty of Palevic Pummeling

Rifat Palevic - building a bigger tower than Donald Trump

Our chip leader Rifat Palevic continues to increase his chip stack and therefore his chip lead. Even more impressive is the company that Palevic is doing this in.

1Jake Cody69,000
5Yevgeniy Timoshenko77,000
7Sam Holden158,000
8Johnny "F****ng" Chan65,000

Mohamed El Hamdi raised to 1,600 in mid-position and our chip leader, Rifat Palevic, called in the small blind. The two of them shared a flop of {8-Diamonds} {7-Hearts} {6-Diamonds} and Palevic check-called a 4,500 El Hamdi bet. The turn was the {4-Spades} and their was a change in betting lead as Palevic took over and shoved 8,800 into the face of El Hamdi. El Hamdi took off his shades for a closer look at the bet and made the call. The river was the {8-Hearts} and the big stack moved 15,900 into the middle and this was enough to finally scare El Hamdi who folded his hand.

Chips Count
Rifat Palevic se 279,000 34,000
Sam Holden gb 158,000 -2,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko ua 77,000 -4,000
Jake Cody gb 69,000
Johnny Chan us 65,000 -31,000

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