Event #3: €5,300 Pot-Limit Omaha

The Goners


We have just received a list with the players that busted, these guys will not go home with the gold!

Chips Count
Mike Watson ca Busted
Rob Mizrachi Busted
Matt Giannetti us Busted
Bruno Benveniste fr Busted
Dan Shak us Busted
Matthew Waxman us Busted
Tom Dwan us Busted
Freddy Deeb us Busted
Davidi Kitai be Busted
John Racener us Busted
Isaac Haxton us Busted
Anthony Lellouche Busted
Mikko Sundell Busted
Patrik Antonius fi Busted
Dario Alioto it Busted
Salvatore Bonavena it Busted
Dan Kelly us Busted
Casey Kastle si Busted
Richard Toth hu Busted
Christophe Lesage Busted
Emil Patel us Busted
Brian Hastings us Busted
Richard Ashby gb Busted
Max Pescatori it Busted
Ryan D'Angelo us Busted