Event #1: €2,680 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

Benjamin Pollak Grabs The Chip Lead At The Death

Benjamin Pollak

Benjamin Pollak is no stranger to being an end of day chip leader and he seems to have done it again after eliminating fellow countryman Nicolas Levi.

Levi started the action with a raise and Pollak called on the button with {Q-Spades} {J-Spades}. The flop was {Q-} {J-Spades} {4-Spades} and both players checked. The turn was the {7-Clubs} and once again both players checked. The final card was the {A-Spades} and Levi checked, Pollak bet 3,000, Levi check-raised to 10,000, Pollak moved all-in and Levi called.

Pollak turned over {Q-Spades} {J-Spades} and we do not know the Levi hand.

Chips Count
Benjamin Pollak fr 106,425 28,425
Nicolas Levi fr Busted

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