Event #46: $50,000 Poker Players' Championship

Great Abe

• Nivå 14
"Great" Abe Mosseri

2-7 Triple Draw

Abe Mosseri took one card on the second draw, Calvin Anderson called for two, and the former led out for a bet. Anderson called.

Both players took one card on the final draw then checked, and Mosseri fanned a queen; {q-}{8-}{5-}{3-}{2-}. Anderson flashed the {k-Hearts} before mucking.

"He's got to be the greatest," Matt Glantz said, ribbing Mosseri.

"They don't call me Great Abe for nothing," Mosseri responded, smiling.

Chips Count
Abe Mosseri us 1,235,000 20,000
Calvin Anderson us 125,000 -189,000

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