Event #46: $50,000 Poker Players' Championship

Anderson Over Wasserson

• Nivå 12

2-7 Triple Draw

Calvin Anderson was under the gun and tossed out a raise. He found calls from Lyle Berman and Eric Wasserson in the blinds and the three were off to the draw.

Both Berman and Wasserson pulled two new cards while Anderson opted for just one. There were two checks over to Anderson and he continued out with a bet. Both of his opponents called to see the second draw. On this draw, both Berman and Wasserson took one new card while Anderson stood pat. There were once again two checks to the aggressor and Anderson fired out a bet. Berman let go of his hand while Wasserson stuck around to see the final draw.

For the final draw, Wasserson took one and Anderson once again stood pat. Wasserson checked, Anderson bet, and Wasserson folded. Anderson picked up the pot and boosted his stack to around 445,000.

Chips Count
Calvin Anderson us 445,000 85,000
Eric Wasserson us 85,000 -157,000

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