2013 World Series of Poker

Event #62: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Two Outers Everywhere

• Nivå 10: 600-1,200, 200 ante

Not long after Jake Cody won a hand where his opponent turned a set only to have him river a better set, we had an eerily similar situation that saw Max Heinzelmann get eliminated.

We saw a player limp under the gun, and action folded all the way around to Heinzelmann in the small blind. He moved the rest of his chips in, 18,5000 in total, and when his opponent got the count, he made the call.

Heinzelmann: {6-Spades}{6-Hearts}
Opponent: {9-Spades}{9-Clubs}

Heinzelmann started to get up and gather his things when he saw the hands, but he slowed down when the flop came {7-Spades}{6-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}. Heinzelmann shot out to the lead, but the {8-Hearts} on the turn gave his opponent an open ended straight draw. He wouldn't need it though, as the {9-Hearts} came on the river, giving Heinzelmann's opponent a better set. Heinzelmann made a hasty retreat out of the room, as his main event comes to an end on the last level of the night.

Chips Count
Max Heinzelmann Busted

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