2013 World Series of Poker

Event #62: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Matusow Folding To Raises


Mike Matusow has folded to a raise or reraise in the last two pots he entered, not ideal when sitting below a 30-big blind stack.

The first hand Matusow led out for 5,100 on a {5-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}{4-Clubs} flop and his opponent raised to 10,200. Matusow folded and his opponent took the pot.

The second hand found Matusow raise to 3,000 preflop. His raise was followed by a reraise to 6,800 and another caller came in behind. When action returned to Matusow, he again folded.

While sitting on a short stack, Matusow is playing patient and maintaining his composure. Don't count him out just yet.

Chips Count
Mike Matusow us 32,000 -12,000

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