2013 World Series of Poker

Event #62: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

An Orbit with Kevin Pollak and Chad Holloway

Kevin Pollak

Just prior to the break, PokerNews' own Chad Holloway's table broke for the second time today and he found himself located in the purple section of the Amazon Room seated across from comedian Kevin Pollak.

Consequently, PokerNews decided to witness of orbit of play between the two players.

Hand 1: Kevin Pollak limped under the gun and the small blind completed before the big blind bumped it to 2,500. Pollak called as the small blind released before the dealer spread a {J-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{7-Diamonds} flop with the big blind leading for 3,500.

Pollak went deep into the tank for nearly three minutes before folding and saying, "that was a birthday gift!"

Hand 2: Chad Holloway pulled out a poker magazine and folded his hand before Dimitar Yosifov opened and then four-bet the small blind to win the hand.

Hand 3: Holloway is now on page 18 and Pollak stepped away from the table.

Hand 4: From under the gun Holloway released his hand as a single preflop raise one the pot.

Hand 5: The player in the hi-jack opened to 1,300 and Jesse Yaginuma called from the button before Holloway put down his magazine and made the call from the big blind.

The flop of {J-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} was checked round to Yaginuma who tossed in 2,300. Holloway sized up the bet and slid forward his only stack of chips that amounted to an all in of roughly 21,200. The original raiser and Yaginuma folded and Holloway collected the pot.

Hand 6: Pollak and Holloway began a conversation about a TV show and simultaneously Pollak opened the pot from the hi-jack with a raise to 1,500 to win the blinds and antes.

Hand 7: From the button Holloway kicked it up to 1,300 only to have Brady Bullard three-bet the small blind to 3,100. Holloway called, and on the {10-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds} flop he called a bet of 2,700 from Bullard.

Both players then checked down the {10-Hearts} and {K-Diamonds} on the turn and river as Bullard declared a queen.

Holloway responded with, "You're good!" and folded as Bullard tabled his {Q-Hearts}{J-Diamonds} while moving to 160,000 in chips.

Hand 8: Facing a raise to 1,400, Pollak made it 4,000 to go and forced a fold from the preflop raiser. Pollak raked in the pot and tabled his {K-Spades}{K-Clubs} to prove he had it.

Hand 9: Pollak recommenced his table talk with Holloway regarding a TV show and opened the pot to 1,200 from early position.

Everyone folded and Pollak was pushed another pot.

"Matt. You're my favorite so far. The rest can suck it!" Pollak said towards the dealer as he flashed his {A-Spades}{Q-Diamonds} for another premium hand.

Following the orbit Pollak sat at 25,350 while Holloway was virtually the same as where he began with just over 20,600 in chips.

Chips Count
Brady Bullard us 160,000 650
Kevin Pollak us 25,350 4,350
Chad Holloway us 20,675 -825

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