2013 World Series of Poker

Event #62: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

A Lesson In Showdown Value by Kenny Nguyen

[user217945] • Nivå 4: 150-300, 25 ante
Kenny Nguyen

We caught up to Kenny Nguyen on a board of {J-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{10-Clubs}. His opponent had checked to him and after a few seconds Nguyen slid forward a bet of 5,800. His opponent fell deep into the tank, but called after a couple of minutes had passed.

The river was the {K-Diamonds} and on that card, both players checked.

The first to act player showed {A-Hearts}{J-Spades} for top pair on the flop and turn.

"I got lucky on you," Nguyen said, showing his {A-Diamonds}{K-Hearts} for a rivered better pair.

"That would've costed me a lot of money if I bricked the river," Nguyen said. "I would've fired a third bullet and he would've called me down."

"You didn't want to bet the river?" another player at the table asked Nguyen.

"Yeah but now my hand is good enough to check and win," Nguyen replied. "If I bet he's gonna call me with anything that beats a king anyways."

Chips Count
Kenny Nguyen us 51,200 5,200