2013 World Series of Poker

Event #62: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Shaniac Busts After Absurd Hand

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Shane Schleger

Shane Schleger has been eliminated from the Main Event after what Marvin Rettenmaier described as an "absurd" hand. We didn't catch the action, but thanks to Rettenmaier we know what happened.

A player in seat 1 opened to 300. In seat 3, Jeff Sarwer called the raise. Then, from the cutoff Shane Schleger called. The three players took to a flop of {Q-}{9-}{5-}. On the flop, the player in seat one checked to Sarwer who put out a bet of 500. Schleger called before the player in seat one reraised to 1,500. Both players called.

The turn was an {A-} and from there the player in seat one led for 5,000. Next to act Sarwer made it 10,000. In the cutoff Schleger reraised all in for roughly 25,000. The player in seat one folded, but Sarwer called Schleger's all in for less, leading to a showdown.

Schleger: {9-}{9-}
Sarwer: {A-}{A-}

The river was a brick, but the player in seat one told the table that he folded {Q-}{Q-} for top set on the flop. Rettenmaier wasn't positive, but he did say that he was 95% sure the player was telling the truth, although his cards were never shown.

"Before the hand with Shane, I was getting kind of short," Sarwer explained. "I really needed that. "

After that hand Schleger got the rest of his money in with {A-}{K-} on a {Q-}{10-}{X-} board against another player who had {10-}{10-} and he was eliminated from the tournament when the board bricked out. Here's what Shaniac had to say about his bust on twitter:

Shane SchlegerBusted the WSOP main event level 1. Very unpleasant feeling for a poker player, but in the grand scheme not such a big deal.

It's an unfortunate twist to end Schleger's day but we're sure to be seeing again some time in the future.

Chips Count
Jeff Sarwer fi 37,500 37,500
Shane Schleger us Busted