PokerStars WCOOP Main Event

"VadziMoney" Eliminated in 5th Place ($750,000)


"VadziMoney" is the latest casualty of the Thomas "Kallllle" Pedersen buzzsaw. The two players got into a preflop raising war in the blinds that resulted in "VadziMoney" all-in for close to 4 million with pocket tens. Pedersen had {A-Clubs}{5-Clubs} and got there on the river when the board rolled out {9-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{A-Hearts}.

"VadziMoney" collects $750,000 for his two days of work.

Chips Count
Thomas "Kallllle" Pedersen dk 15,579,132
"VadziMoney" Busted