PokerStars WCOOP Main Event

Niki “RealAndyBeal” Jedlicka Eliminated in 12th Place ($53,691)

Niki Jedlicka Eliminated

Fasten your seatbelt.

"BackDoorovic" min-raised to 100,000 from under the gun and Niki “RealAndyBeal” Jedlicka three-bet to 232,245. Action folded back to BackDoorovic, who four-bet to 387,423. Jedlicka then fired back with a shove for 1,655,932 and BackDoorovic snap-called, setting up a pot worth more than 3 million chips:

Jedlicka: {K-Diamonds}{K-Spades}
BackDoorovic: {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}

Jedlicka was dealt a massive blow when the {9-Hearts}{5-Hearts}{Q-Clubs} flop left the cash game specialist drawing to two outs.The {7-Hearts} turn and {3-Spades} river were no help, and Jedlicka hit the rail in 12th place. BackDoorovic, meanwhile, multiplied his stack by eight in the past hour and is now second in chips.

Chips Count
"BackDoorovic" 4,039,283 1,830,932
Niki “RealAndyBeal” Jedlicka Busted

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