Strategy with Kristy: Paul Berende & Sorel Mizzi diskuterer EPT Berlin High Roller

Paul Berende

Kristy Arnett, some r vertinne for Strategy with Kristy Podcast, har rapportert fra EPT Berlin og denne episoden har hun invitert spillere fra High Roller øvelsen. Sorel Mizzi diskuterer poker og Paul Berende analyserer noen hender fra øvelsen.

Her er et utdrag fra intervjuet med Berende:

"This was kind of a small hand, but it was against Paul Volpe. He's had a really good run live, and I really have a lot of respect for him as a player. He min-raised in the hijack, the small blind completed, and I was in the big blind with king-jack suited. We were all 70 big-blinds plus deep so I decided to overcall. The flop came nine-nine-four with no flush draw. It checked to Paul, and he checked behind. At that point, I was confused because I thought he'd bet most hands there. I thought he'd be betting any pair and probably most over cards as well because our ranges in the blinds aren't really strong. He'd take down the pot post of the time on flop with a half-pot bet. So, I was a little confused.

"A king came on the turn. The small blind checked, and I checked too because I didn't see any reason Paul would check the flop and call the turn. He checked back again. The river came another four. The board was nine-nine-four-king-four with no flushes. I thought my hand was good like, 80 percent of the time. When the small blind checked, I value bet half pot. Paul went into the tank and raised a little more than minimum. I was so confused. You almost never see this line. I was 100 percent sure he didn't have a four because he would have bet the flop. The only hand that made sense to me was quad nines or a bluff to make me fold a weak king. I was getting odds to call, so I did, and he had pocket kings for kings full.

"I actually talked to him after the hand, and he said he min-raised the river because he thought that if I had a nine, I would raise back at him. I didn't agree with him. I think that if I were to bet a nine on the river, I would just call his raise because I don't see any hands calling me that I beat."

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