Strategy With Kristy: Daniel Negreanu, Randy Lew og Mickey Peterson

Strategy With Kristy: Daniel Negreanu, Randy Lew og Mickey Peterson 0001

Ved denne ukens Strategy with Kristy podcast er med tre intervjuer av to PokerStars Team Online medlemmer; Randy Lew og Mickey Peterson, og Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. Deler dem en hånd dem spilte under PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT9 Grand Final. Her forteller hver og en hvordan dem spilte sin utvalgte hånd.

Negreanu delte hånden han spilte ved finalebordet av Main Event. Her er et utdrag fra det intervjuet:

Ok, so "Luckychewy" [Andrew Lichtenberger] opens for a min-raise and I have {j-Hearts}{10-Hearts} in position, and I never fold because I don't like folding. I call and Freddy Deeb also calls [from the blinds]. The flop comes {8-}{9-}{3-} with two clubs. Surprisingly, Freddy leads for 85,000. Andrew calls. I have more than enough equity to call, but I'm worried because there are two clubs. If I hit my straight, but the flush card comes, that could be dangerous. I call. Of course, the {7-Clubs} comes. So I make the nut straight, but it's a club. Freddy checks, Andrew checks, and I decided to bet enough to let Andrew know that he couldn't get me off my hand. I bet 205,000. My thinking was that if Freddy raises, I'm going to fold. But if Andrew raises I'm going to have to call because he would never do that as a bluff. Freddy folds, and then Andrew does move in! I'm like, "What are you doing bro?" I couldn't really think of many hands I could beat, but my other problem is this: If he actually had the nut flush, I think he would bet the turn because he'd get called by a lot of hands. If he checks that it'd have to be some super high-level play. The same problem is that I don't think he has a straight, a small two pair, or trips because I think he bets those hands. He doesn't check raise any of those hands. He would just call. So I'm like, "What the hell do you got, bro?" I couldn't figure out what he had so in those spots when you just don't know and you're getting laid a big price, you just have to pay. He had aces with the {a-Clubs}, so he was getting tricky. It almost worked, but not really.

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